Mind on Fire Books specializes in publishing horror, Science fiction, dark fantasy, Supernatural thrillers, and non-fiction relating to the mentioned genres.  We also host an online bookstore to share our collection and love of Literature with the world.

The fiction goals of our company focus on collating some of the most popular, and also unheard of horror texts, as well as original texts which speak to readers whom enjoy the classic art of occult and Supernatural literature.  The non-fictional element will focus on personal essays and memoire manuscripts.  Fusing both fiction and non-fiction theory in our publications will draw readers of the occult who search for entertainment purposes and personal knowledge.

The problem we address is pedigree.  There are many small presses that lack good marketing, web presence or customer service.  There is a lot of good indie horror that goes under because of poor craftsmanship, here at MinFire Imprint, we take pride in our work.

Our Publisher, Willy Martinez:


Throughout my education, I have always been attracted to the metaphysical; this small press is my exploration of the why, how, and where the horror, the supernatural, and science fiction are crafted. 

I began my writing career in 1st grade when I scrapped together a short fiction called, “Caveman Will”.  In 8th grade I was introduced to Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle” and began reading much more voraciously. During my Sophomore year in highschool I picked up fiction and poetry writing.  Soon, I would submit a short story for the highshchool paper called “Alberto and I’, a story about a troubled teen with a best friend. 

After Highschool, I immediately began my studies in English literature, however, I did not yet have a focus.  About a year into my studies at the community college, I decided that if I wanted to be a writer, I need to travel, to challenge myself, and to see the world.  So I did what most young men with a wanderlust do… and I joined the Marines in 2002.

After I was Honorably discharged in 2004, I immediately began studying at College of DuPage.  I received an A.A.S. in multimedia.  I then transferred to SIU and moved to Southern Illinois around 2008.  I completed my Bachelors in English, in 2010.  In May of 2018, I graduated with my Masters in Rhetoric and Composition, which falls under the English program.

Throughout all of my travels, studies, and adventures, I have always kept a journal of my readings and reflections. I have collected over 400 books ranging from Egyptology, War History, Autobiographies, to metaphysical books. I consider myself more of a curator of fiction than I would a writer of fiction.  However, I do write expressively and persuasively to promote anthologies. I love working with other writers to help them get their works out into the hands of the world’s bibliophiles.